Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fiedler named dean of B.U. Journo School

Editor & Publisher has reported that Tom Fiedler has been named as the new dean of the Boston University School of Communications.

The press release takes Fiedler's darkest hour and attempts to make it into a shining accomplishment:

"As the newspaper’s executive editor, Fiedler was a stickler for journalism ethics, particularly after reporters working for The Herald’s Spanish-language sister publication, El Nuevo Herald, were caught moonlighting for a US-government-owned, anti-Castro news service in 2006," the BU release added.
As I documented here, the actual journalism produced during the "Marti Moonlighters" episode was shoddy, poorly investigated and poorly edited. It ended up causing Fiedler's boss his job and Fiedler himself left in the aftermath.

No word on whether the chihuahuas will follow him to his new post.


Sick and tired said...

"Anti-Castro news service." But of course. Heaven forbid it be called "pro-democracy" or "pro-human rights." That might be considered journalistic bias, you see. People might get the idea it's no different from Radio Free Europe or Voice of America. People might even sympathize with the 50-year struggle to free Cuba. Can't possibly have that, can we?

I'm all choked up with admiration and respect for our noble media guardians.

Maybe that's why I feel like retching.

Anonymous said...

Of course heaven forbids it be called a "pro-democracy" or a "pro-human rights" news service. 50 years of the same rhetoric and the majority of the people of Cube are still too scared -- or simply refuse -- to earn their freedom from tyranny. Why do you think, "sick and tired," the smarter Cubans risk their lives, make their way over here, and assimilate to OUR society? I'll answer that for you: because after 50 years, democracy and human decency will not arrive to Cuba through the same old rhetoric.

The Seventh Heroe said...

We should write some letter to School of Journalism at Boston to let them know how racist and vulnerable Mr. Fielder was at that time. We can remited the letter signed by more than 600 people from the academic world and other profesional areas, and the Hoyt report about the RadioTV Marti case. These documents could help them to understand who is Fielder and what really happened with the Corral story.