Sunday, February 24, 2008

Herald gets into Cuba blogging...again

The Miami Herald has once again decided that it needs to have a blog about Cuban issues. The new entry is called "Cuban Colada" and is manned by journos from both TMH and ENH such as Pablo Bachelet, Alfonso Chardy, John Dorschner, Jordan Levin, Renato Pérez Pizarro, and Frances Robles. Unless I'm mistaken, I thought I saw this blog once before but the archives only go back a few days. Previously of course there was Oscar Corral's Cuban Connection. Corral is conspicuous in his absence from Cuban Colada. I'm sure Anders Gyllenhaal the executive editor made a conscious decision to keep Corral out of this latest venture into the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Oscar Corral covers higher education now.

Henry Gomez said...

Actually, he's a general assignment reporter now with no specific beat to cover.