Monday, February 11, 2008

Disappearing story at

I've received at least two emails from bloggers about a news story that posted that has now disappeared. The story, written by Pablo Bachelet, is about a Cuban student named Eliécer Ávila who was detained by the castro government.

This particular student gained a fair amount of notoriety as he appeared in what seems to be a leaked video questioning castro regime official ricardo alarcon about why Cubans don't enjoy certain freedoms like being able to leave the country whenever they wish. See CNN report that includes the video here.

Below is screen capture of a Google News Search results page featuring the Herald article at the top. Click to enlarge.

The link to the Herald story about Ávila's arrest is now malfunctioning. Clicking the link results in a 404 error and the story has not been reposted at a different address.

H/T: Ziva and Ernesto


Carlos Miller said...

The Herald does that with almost all their stories. It's the most annoying thing. They keep it up for a couple of weeks, then they kill the link.

I guess they want you spend money in the archives.

But isn't this the story you're looking for?

Henry Gomez said...

No, that's not what I'm talking about Carlos. They posted a story and within hours it was gone.

Carlos Miller said...

Did you try Google's cache feature?

Why do you think they would do this?

Henry Gomez said...

I suspect they took it down to tighten it up or perhaps they got a conflicting report from Cuba and panicked that they might have published a false story.