Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hazardous Headline

Was looking at and found this headline interesting:

5 dead after crash at "fly-in" community runway

I was intrigued because I had recently seen something on TV or perhaps the web about these Jetson-like communities that are centered around an airfield. Many of the houses have garages that are actually hangars for planes. So I clicked on the article only to find that the accident on the runway was a car wreck. While the headline is technically not incorrect, it is misleading in that the obvious implication is that this was an accident involving an airplane. It's often said that driving is statistically more dangerous than flying, and I suppose this event is just a little anecdotal proof of that but trusting the headline editors at the Herald can be pretty hazardous too.

Addendum: Check out some of the comments the Herald's thoughtful readers leave on this article:

I saw this jump in "Hooper", but look out for that tree!
Posted by: Dale Jr

BMW: The Ultimate "Driving" Machine.

FYI: Not Ultimate "Flying" Machine.

Posted by: Rexx Racer

seat belts are probably irrelevant under those conditions. Second-rate contenders for the Darwin Awards.
Posted by:

Tragic ... and all of us will pay for it via our insurance policies!
Posted by: R B Quinn

Can the families sue if it's proven that BMW is machanically intoxicating at certain speeds?

Don't we have some "slip-&-falls" down here in miami?

Posted by: Miami Project

Splitting a 2008 BMW in half requires you have lots of money and zero brains. Five less Republican voters to worry about this November.
Posted by:

Put it on YouTube. Jumping an 85-foot high embankment, became airborne for 200 feet and striking a large tree is even DUMBER than Bird Road Rudy. Hope they don't have children.
Posted by:

idiots, their big money didn't save them from their stupidity.
Posted by: miami redneck

Posted by: izzy

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Tio said...

Interesting how all these misleading headlines have been cropping up AFTER Oscar Corral was pulled from his Cuba beat and relegated to the copy desk. Is he still attending teenage prostitute solicitation rehabilitation classes?