Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where is the Ombudsman?

The Herald's new ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos, promised that his column would be of an occasional nature. He has stayed true his word as he has only penned one item since his byline first appeared on the pages of the Herald two weeks ago. And that column was on the same subject as the first, the Herald's coverage of illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile in roughly the same time frame Clark Hoyt, the New York Times' Ombudsman (they call him a public editor) and Schumacher-Matos predecessor of sorts, has penned 3 columns on three different topics.

Perhaps Mr. Schumacher-Matos will pick up the pace at some point and find some new subject matter. God knows there's a lot to examine at 1 Herald Plaza. Maybe the Herald can create a blog for him like the Times did for Hoyt. But then again based upon the Herald's track record with blogs, that may be a bad idea.


asombra said...

I think the Herald probably regretted using Hoyt after his report came out. They certainly blew it off, but he still said what he said, and it's on record. They would not, obviously, want someone that "difficult" as ombudsman on a regular basis. I expect Schumacher-Matos will suit the Herald nicely, as intended.

Anonymous said...

By the way, did this ombudsman guy ever respond in any way to your letter concerning the Oscar Corral matter?

Tio said...

The Ombudsperson should investigate the links between Marifeli Perez-Stable and Cuban intelligence, a topic that his editorial bosses are afraid to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Perez-Stable? Are you kidding? This guy wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot pole. He'll stick with his immigration issues, thank you.