Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Corral's Cuban Connection in Cyberia

It appears that The Miami Herald has closed the book on Oscar Corral's non-blog blog, Miami's Cuban Connection. Though the blog is still up, it no longer appears on the Herald's blog directory. Interestingly, Corral's last post on the blog (about CNN's coverage of TV Marti expenditures) was made after he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute but before the Herald published it short account of the arrest (perhaps even before he told his employers about it). Odd that a man who had just disgraced himself, his wife, his family and his employer would choose that time post an item to a blog that he only posted on once in the previous two months.

Herald Watch has received a report that Corral will return to the Herald next week though it's unclear in what capacity. A previous report stated that he'd be working on the "copy desk" in the Herald's Broward bureau. If true, it would mean that it wasn't just Corral's blog that got sent to Siberia


Tio said...

There you go predicting again, Henry. Last time, you were 100% accurate. I hope that Corral doesn't get arrested again to spoil this prediction. You certainly are more accurate that Democrat pollster Sergio Bendixen, who made a jackass of himself in the last presidential election by predicting that Kerry had won Florida, Ohio, and therefore the presidency.

asombra said...

Yes, it seems rather odd that Corral would post that TV Marti item at that time, but maybe it's not so odd. Maybe he was clinging desperately to what was to have been his ticket to the big time, when he could see it all potentially slipping down the drain.

However, don't count him out too soon. I expect every attempt will be made by his minders to salvage the situation. If nothing else, even if they don't actually care about him personally, they wouldn't want to give the Cuban-American community the satisfaction.