Monday, September 10, 2007

Linda welcome back to your personal purgatory

South Florida, without a doubt, has to be the capital of malcontents that live in a place they don't want to be. Of course there are certain bloggers that are "stuck" here. But it seems that Miami is some sort of journalistic purgatory too. Debbie Cenziper wins the Pulitzer prize and her chair is cold by the time she actually receives the award because she moved on to the Washington Post. For those unfortunate underachieving souls who don't have a Pulitzer to their credit, The Miami Herald just may be the place for them to prove that there is truth in the Peter Principle.

The latest example is Linda Robertson, the Herald Sports columnist who was away for a year doing a fellowship at the University of just got whipped by a Division 1AA school (did anyone notice she was gone?).

In any case, I guess her mentors in Ann Arbor taught her not to hide her true feelings as her first column back is loaded with snipes and left handed compliments at/for our home town.

Robert at 26th Parallel sums it up best:

Linda Robertson after a year in Michigan: still obnoxious.

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Linda who?