Monday, September 10, 2007

Content provided by Oscar Corral

The arrest reports for Oscar Corral, and the alleged prostitute and pimp he got busted with have been posted on the web by Antonio de la Cova Ph.D.

de la Cova makes several key observations about the arrest report. The first is the fact that Corral is deceitful when he tells the arresting officers he is a "content provider" rather than a "newspaper reporter." But there are other things that don't square on his arrest report such as the fact that he is listed as white but the box for "Not Hispanic" is checked off.

Also, I noticed that the "no" box on the section of the report that lists whether the arrested person wears glasses is also checked. Every picture I've ever seen of Corral shows him wearing glasses.

Perhaps Corral took off his glasses and answered certain questions deceptively in an attempt to create some confusion about which Oscar Corral was arrested (plausible deniability). I suspect that the reason the Herald didn't report his arrest until 3 days later is that he didn't inform his employers about it immediately, if at all.

In any case, Professor de la cova publishes the details from the arrest record including this:

Corral’s arrest affidavit states that: “While performing a undercover Prostitution Detail, Officer Sola #27572 (under cover officer) witnessed the above Def[endant] and Co-Def[endant] sitting inside a Bl[ac]k Acura 4 D[oo]r bearing FL tag G77-HJK. The officer (Sola) overheard the Def[endant] and Co-Def[endant] negotiating the price of a blow-job (street slang for oral sex). Undercover officer Sola gave the take down signal, tactical units came in and placed all Def[endant]s into custody.”
Yamilet Lopez, the prostitute that Corral was seeking to provide with oral content, is only 18 years of age as her arrest report lists her birthday as January 24, 1989. The report also states that the amount agreed to for the fellatio was $50.

Professor de la Cova also compares the Herald's reporting on Corral's arrest with that of a Republican congressman who was arrested for a similar crime.
When the Miami Herald tersely reported this incident three days after it occured, they omitted many of the details, including the names of Corral’s prostitute and pimp co-defendants.

In contrast, when Republican Florida state Representative Bob Allen was likewise arrested for soliciting prostitution for oral sex, the Miami Herald published numerous articles, even mentioning in one that Allen is married and has a teenage daughter.

In contrast, the Miami Herald made no mention that Corral is married and has two daughters.
Of course, this is part of a pattern in which the Herald is less than forthcoming about its own problems as I've documented here before. Perhaps it is too much to expect that a newspaper be as vigorous in its reports when they involve the paper's own employees. That's why it's a such a shame that this is a one newspaper town.

As for Corral, I've heard second-hand that he will soon be providing content from the Herald's version of Siberia: the Broward bureau.


Anonymous said...

All of this is only too predictable, but it's good to have more details, since the Herald is definitely not likely to touch this again unless it has no choice (and even then, it would never treat it the same as with Bob Allen). I'm sure Gary Hart would have liked to have gotten the same "consideration" as Corral.

asombra said...

Well, I suppose being less "considerate" with Corral wasn't going to advance anybody's career (like Hart advanced Tom Fiedler's), and it wasn't going to do great things for the Herald's image, either. No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

So wait, if Corral's not Hispanic, that means he can't be Cuban, which means he can't lay any claim to any "Cuban connection" on his blog. I'm so confused. I guess the final explanation will be that this was all really a dream sequence, just like on TV.