Thursday, June 21, 2007

Herald copy editor violates company policy on campaign contributions

MSNBC has posted a piece by Bill Dedman on its web site detailing campaign contributions made by journalists in from 2004 to date. They found 144 journalists who made such contributions. Many media outlets have policies against such contributions including The Miami Herald.

A copy editor/page designer for the Herald's broward staff named Harry Broertje made a total of $950 in campaign contributions to the Republican National Committee and President Bush. According to MSNBC:

Herald managing editor Dave Wilson said the policy is clear: "Journalists should not make campaign contributions."
I remember there was supposed to be a "clear policy" about freelance assignments that wasn't so clear and ended up with the Herald's publisher losing his job. Maybe the Herald needs to have a few staff meetings.

Also caught violating his company's policy on campaign contributions was Sun-Sentinel sports reporter, Ethan Skolnik who gave $500 to two Democratic candidates. He claims he didn't know of the policy.

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