Friday, June 22, 2007

Double Standard at the Heralds?

Although MSNBC published an investigative piece about journalists who donated to political campaigns and the investigation has turned up one Miami Herald copy editor who violated a company policy against such contributions, the Herald itself has remained silent on the matter. At least if you search their web site you will find no story about it.

This is in stark contrast to the actions of last September when the Herald found out that another newspaper was investigating El Nuevo Herald journalists that were also freelancing for Radio and TV Marti, also in violation of the company's policies. In that instance, the Herald rushed an Oscar Corral story to press that was shocking in its tone as well as its sloppiness. The aftermath of the scandal left the two newsrooms (ENH and TMH) as divided as ever and finished the career of the Herald's then publisher, Jesus Diaz Jr.

Now both of these policies (the one against political campaign contributions, and the one against freelancing for government-funded media) are intended to protect the integrity of the MHMC.

I'm wondering why then the Herald hasn't mentioned the most recent violation. I guess the difference is that the violation this time around was by a TMH employee and not an ENH employee.

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