Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heralds in uncharted territory with "Cuba Puzzle"

TMH and ENH are collaborating on a series of of reports about Cuba that the MHMC is collectively calling "The Cuba Puzzle." The project is significant in several ways. First of all it seems that early into the tenure of Anders Gyllenhaal that there is an effort to heal the rift between the two papers, particularly on the subject of Cuba where ENH has often led and TMH has not followed.

It's also significant because of the considerable online component that includes several videos. It's as if MHMC is finally realizing that the days of the old fishwrap are done and that they truly are starting to embrace their role as a "new media" company.

And lastly, by sneaking reporters into the island to get coverage without official recognition from the regime, the Herald is proving to the other MSM outlets that you don't need to make a faustian bargain with Fidel Castro to get the news out of Cuba. The result is some truly candid statements by Cubans on the street. The kind that seem to evade the officially recognized MSM outlets on the island like Reuters and CNN. I should also take a moment to recognize the recent reporting that the Miami New Times did, also with an "under the radar" journalist posing as tourist.

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