Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Herald Circulation continues to plunge

Back on April 30th, the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), the primary organization that audits newspaper circulations, released its latest figures.

The Herald's weekday circulation decreased by 5.5% and is down to 272,299 and its Sunday circulation decreased by 10.1% to 342,432. That follows decreases of 8.8% and 9.1% respectively reported in October of last year.

To put those numbers into perspective, an outdated page on the Herald's web site says that in July of 2001 ABC reported the Herald's weekday circ as 314,592 and Sunday circ as 430,080. That's a 13% decrease in daily circ and 20% decrease in Sunday circ in less than six years.


Anonymous said...

Gee, imagine that. And with virtually no competition, too. My, my. Could this possibly, just maybe, perhaps be related to the fact that the Herald has a longstanding tradition of treating a rather significant proportion of its potential readership with little or no respect, not to say ill-will? Well, well, well. Maybe "those Cubans" are finally deciding that enough is enough.

Larry Daley said...


Tne Herald keeps posting Castro propaganda. At least two were posted in the last two days or so one using diddled statistics on
Cuban life span, and another on an elderly woman, living in squalor claiming she owed all to Castro

Anonymous said...

If you would leave the Miami world maybe you would realize that this is happening to newspapers all over the world and even to the WSJ, NYT, Wash Post. Its not the cubans its the dynamics of capitalism. Not everything comes down to what has happened to the cuban american in the USA my dear friend.

Henry Gomez said...

Anonymous, Thank you for continued vitriol, your continued attacks and most of all your readership. I must be important for you to hang around here so much.