Friday, February 16, 2007

In today's Herald

The headline for a story by Barry Jackson about Tim Hardaway's anti-gay remarks reads:

Hardaway's gay bashing brings swift rebuke

I thought "gay bashing" was direct physical or verbal harrassment of gays. Regardless of how ignorant or plain dumb Hardaway's opinions were, they were just that, opinions. That's not gay bashing.


In a story about a potential exodus from Cuba, Pablo Bachelet quotes an unnamed "expert" who "warned that up to 500,000 may try to leave the island after Castro's death."

I understand the need to keep the identities of some sources confidential, particularly government sources, but Bachelet does not even tell us whether this source is a US government source or some other self-styled "expert". The problem of course is that we have no idea what went into the 500,000 figure. Did the "expert" pull it out of the sky? Was a mathematical model used? What assumptions were made? Essentially the 500,000 figure is useless and highly questionable without that information. The thing is that it will, no doubt, be siezed upon by other media.


Anonymous said...

This sounds a lot like the similarly unidentified ethics "experts" quoted against the Radio/TV Marti moonlighters in the now-infamous Herald story of 9/8/06. Same MO, anyway.

Robert said...

Andy Gomez from UM has stated publicly about the 500,000 exodus. He's also quoted in the Bachelet article, independent of the "unnamed" source.