Friday, December 15, 2006

Fiedler "Retiring" from Herald

The Sun Sentinel has published an Associated Press article stating that TMH Executive Editor, Tom Fiedler, is retiring at the end of February. How much of his retirement is voluntary remains to be seen.

Fiedler's replacement will be Anders Gyllenhaal, a former Herald reporter who most recently was editor and senior vice president of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Embattled would be a euphemism for Mr. Fiedler's current status. It's probably best for him, the newspaper, the readership, and the community that he's stepping down.

H/T: Stuck on the Palmetto


heraldphobe said...

They can (and will) call it what they like and spin it how it suits them, but at least it's a chance to clear the air and, presumably, move in a better direction. The new guy, of course, may not be a great improvement, but he could hardly be worse, and he has less baggage to get in the way.

Manuel A. Tellechea said...

But what will happen to Tom Fiedler's little chihuahua? Will Oscar Corral follow his patron into "retirement?"

heraldphobe said...

It depends on how pervasive and entrenched the anti-exile mentality is at the Herald. If Fiedler was more a symptom than a cause, the likes of Corral will remain useful and desirable to the organization.

Anybody of any background could stick it to "those Cubans," but it looks much better for the paper if it's done (or appears to be done) by someone who's at least nominally Cubanoid.

heraldphobe said...

Anders Gyllenhaal would appear to be a Swedish or Nordic name with a similar background, which is about as far as one can get from a Hispanic or Latin choice. This, of course, for the top job at the main newspaper in MIAMI. Curious, to say the least.

SWLiP said...

I think that Gyllenhaal is a Welsh name.

I doubt that this signals a change for the better at the Herald. If you have been following the travails of the Minneapolis Strib on blogs like Powerline, then you know that Gyllenhaal is likely to move the Herald further to the left.