Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chicago Tribune recaps Moonlighters case

The Chicago Tribune has published a review of the Martí Moonlighters affair. Here is the link. I won't bother to comment except to say that the Herald spin about different approaches to reporting (Latin American vs. American) seems to have stuck. To me that's the weakest part of the argument in favor of the Moonlighters. Besides, it overlooks the fact that it's the American model of newspaper reporting that is the exception and not the rule. In almost every other country in the world (not just Latin America) newspapers refuse to hide behind the fig leaf of supposed objectivity. You can got to London and find the conservative newspaper and the liberal one. The same in Paris or any other important world city.

The other thing that's interesting to note is that it was the Tribune that initially was investigating the story about Herald employees working at Radio/TV Martí and that it was this investigation that created an environment where a rushed, sloppy and poorly researched article was produced.

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