Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Parsing words?

I was listening to Sun-Sentinel columnist Guillermo Martinez on Spanish radio tonight and he mentioned something curious that he noticed about Jesus Diaz Jr.'s column that ran this past Sunday. Throughout the column Diaz Jr. is careful to name The Miami Herald AND El Nuevo Herald separately. Such as in this excerpt:

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald are committed to fair and independent reporting.
But when addressing the speculation about how Cuban state television knew about the Herald's story before it was published he only addresses The Miami Herald and NOT El Nuevo Herald.
We do not know why the Cuban TV program Mesa Redonda commented on the essence of our story before it ran. We are confident this information did not come from anyone at The Miami Herald, and we believe that Mesa Redonda may have gained this information from a review of our public-records requests, since these requests are available to the public.
It's entirely possible that he meant both papers but did not distinguish between them as he did in other parts of the column. But I suppose it's also possible that Mr. Diaz Jr. believes the link came from someone working for El Nuevo Herald.

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