Wednesday, September 20, 2006

El Nuevo Herald Alum: They never made us sign anything

Last night Herald Watch received an email from a former El Nuevo Herald reporter who asked to remain anonymous:

One thing that bothers me about this Herald affair is that Knight-Ridder, to my knowledge (and I worked with El Nuevo for ten years), never asked any of us reporters to sign a code of ethic[s] document...

The reason is the double standard... People who write for the English paper make more money than the indios [indians] at El Nuevo. Was Pablo Alfonso and Wilfredo Cancio aware of a code of ethics? If they had, believe me, I don't [think] they would go to moonlight with RM [Radio Marti].

The [company], for which I work now, has everyone signing a document every six months. You can't even donate money a political campaign! When I signed for the first time it was new to me. Well not really because I worked for [another newspaper] and I had to sign something similar. But you see, I don't remember signing anything at El Nuevo.
I think it's revealing that this former employee feels like El Nuevo Herald reporters were thought of as "Indians" by the MHPC. For those not familiar with Hispanic culture "Indio" is a derogatory term meaning primitive.

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