Monday, September 11, 2006

Olga Connor speaks

Former El Nuevo Herald freelancer Olga Connor claims that her bosses at the paper knew she was working for pay at Radio Marti. An article, by Oscar Corral, published on the Herald's web site today, contains excerpts from a letter Ms. Connor wrote to executives of The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and their parent company, The McClatchy Co.

"I totally reject the accusation of breach of ethics. My work in Radio and TV Martí was so well known . . . that two articles about this station and my involvement [were published] in 2002.''
One revealing aspect is the article is that that El Nuevo Herald's Executive Editor, Humberto Castelló, told Corral in an email that he does not agree with the decision to terminate Connor's freelance relationship with the paper. Apparently he was overruled by higher-ups at McClatchy. Herald Watch will be keeping tabs on what may develop into a contentious relationship between El Nuevo Herald, its sister paper and their parent.

On a related note, Oscarr Corral has, on at least two occasions, written that Radio/TV Marti's aim is to "undermine" the Castro regime in Cuba. I suppose that's right inasmuch as uncensored information can destabilize a totalitarian government, but according to the Office for Cuba Broadcasting's web site the mission of Radio/TV Marti is:
In accordance with the principles established by the legislation that created to the Voice of America, VOA, both stations transmit true and objective news and information about subjects of interest to the people of Cuba.

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