Friday, December 05, 2008

Herald on the block

Via McClatchy Watch we learn that the New York Times is reporting that the Miami Herald may be for sale.

McClatchy's fortunes have been terrible since the company acquired Knight Ridder, the company that was once Herald's parent.


de la Cova said...

The Miami Herald "Once a respected publication"? Certainly not for the overwhelming majority of Cuban exiles during the last half century. Here's what their racist columnist Jack Kofoed was publishing in 1965
Kofoed's insults against Cuban exiles were continuous for more than a decade until his untimely death.
He was supplanted by others like the obnoxious Jim DeFede, who the Cuban dictatorship defended after he was fired for violating journalistic ethical standards. DeFede has not written for another newspaper ever since.
The Herald's anti-Cuban exile racism is entrenched in their editorial room with editors like Tom Fiedler
The Herald has also employed self-loathing Cuban Americans like reporter Oscar Corral, who recently took an early retirement package after pleading guilty to soliciting teenage prostitution
Columnist Ana Veciana Suarez continues working there after being a convicted perjurer and admitted liar
Marifeli Perez-Stable, a member of the Miami Herald's Editorial Board of Contributors, continues collaborating with the paper after being accused by two Cuban intelligence defectors and U.S. counterintelligence officer Chris Simmons of having worked as a salaried spy of the Cuban dictatorship.
The Miami Herald has stonewalled thoroughly investigating these serious allegations, especially when Perez-Stable has refused to address them.
In consequence, the Miami Herald has lost most of its credibility.

Not the ombudsman said...

Ah, yes, the delightful Mr. Hiaasen, and his unforgettable (trust me) contribution to the Elian affair. Such understanding, such empathy! The same he has always shown "those people" (as Mr. Clinton was kind enough to call Cuban-Americans, just like he called Monica "that woman").

But back to Carl. First, we must remember he's a Famous Author, after a fashion, so he's just slumming at the Herald and can't be expected to give a shit. Besides, he's a faithful reflection of his employers, so what's the problem?

Acronymous said...

Yeah, Hiaasen's a F.A. all right, but that doesn't stand for "Famous Author" in my book.

nytrob said...

Oh, come on, Carl IS a famous author. Well, at least more famous than that Ana Menendez woman and her dog book, or whatever it was. I mean, it's not saying much, but still...

realpolitik said...

Why would Perez-Stable address anything when all she has to do is lay low till the fuss blows over? There's nothing in it for her if she starts blabbing and attracting more attention to herself and the charges. It's not like anybody who might penalize her is pushing her to do much of anything (except act like she's above it all).

The Herald and FIU, both of which employ her, are apparently not even remotely interested in the matter. It's like "don't ask, don't tell." So what if the Cuban-American community wants a serious investigation? They're the only minority left that can still be given the finger with impunity. The woman's covered.

realpolitik said...

Why would Perez-Stable address anything, when all she has to do is lay low long enough for the fuss to blow over? Nobody with leverage over her is calling her to account. Her employers, both the Herald and FIU, don't seem even remotely interested in the matter, although it obviously reflects on them. It's like "don't ask, don't tell."

Who cares if the Cuban exile community wants this seriously investigated? It's the only minority left that can still be given the finger with impunity, because the powers that be are totally OK with that. The woman is covered.