Thursday, July 03, 2008

MNI shares hit 52-week low...


Shares of Herald parent, McClatchy, traded at $5.72 today. One could say that the end is nowhere in sight, but that would be a lie. The end is only $5.72 away.


Shares closed at $5.47 after dipping to another new low of $5.43


FerfeLaBat said...

Unbelievable. *Shaking head*

Mas Casona said...

"I don't believe in the Herald" was a popular campaign in the 1990s featured on pubic ads.

Anonymous said...

Go to:

You can see when the McClatchy directors sold some of their stock. Look on Buy/Sell. CEO, VP, and BOD sold same day, 9/2/07. There must have been a meeting of some kind. The BOD is the former CEO of Knight Ridder.