Monday, July 07, 2008

Herald layoff victims

Bob Norman has the internal Herald memo about who is being laid off from the newsroom.

Marji Hendel, Ray Bubel, Sandy Matza, Phil Long, Enrique Fernandez, Larry Johnson, Donna Natale Planas, J. Albert Diaz, Mauricio Ortega, Sean Rockhead, Amy Blake, Gary Fineout, Jasmine Kripalani, Pati Mazzei, Lisa Cawley, Brayden Simms, Eric St. John, Michael Allen, Angel Doval, Marissa Clark, Jillian McKoy, Paul Hodges, Scott Hutchinson, Rafael Fernandez, Kathy Foster, Teresa Mears, Mohamed Hamaludin, Alejandra La Banca, Bill Van Smith, John Voskuhl, Gail Meadows, Nancy Dahlberg, Robert Steinback, David Blasco, Winston Townsend, Lashawn Johnson, Judy Erwin, Jim Kukar, Mary Sutter, Pam Sansbury, Adam Gegg and Andres Cavalier.
In other news, shares of Herald parent McClatchy closed at $5.47 after trading at ANOTHER 52-week low of $5.11 during today's session.

Wall Street apparently wants more cuts.

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FerfeLaBat said...

Gary Fineout???? Are they high? He's like - the last writer there with a sense of humor. Well. WAS there.



Sad. Very very sad.