Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Myriam Marquez named Herald Metro Columnist

Myriam Marquez will be taking over the Metro columnist's spot that Ana Menendez is leaving vacant to accept a Fulbright fellowship in Egypt.

Marquez is a veteran of the Orlando Sentinel and was most recently the Deputy Metro Editor at the Herald.

I have an uncorroborated but reliable account that Marquez was Oscar Corral's editor for the infamous September 8, 2006 article that tipped off the Marti Moonlighters scandal whose casualties included the publisher who resigned and made the executive editor's position untenable.

Excerpt of Herald memo announcing Marquez new post:

She will assume the Left Rail when Ana Menendez departs for her Fulbright Scholar grant. The rail has an extraordinary history here: Lives have been changed and our world improved: of award-winning names - Charles Whited, Carl Hiaasen, Leonard Pitts, Liz Balmaseda, Robert Steinback, Leonard Pitts to name a few.
Jack Kofoed was mysteriously omitted from that list that includes some of the Herald's most "distinguished" columnists.

Marquez was indeed Oscar Corral's editor on the Marti Moonlighters story. Excerpt from Editor & Publisher, November 16th 2006 (Subscription Only):
Fiedler said the 2,000-word review [by Clark Hoyt] takes no issue with the work done by Corral or his editor, Myriam Marquez.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to live long enough to see Menendez depart. Thank God. Now if Hiassen and Pitts would leave and the Herald was reduced to just the sports and business section it might be worth a dime.

Anonymous said...

They keep coming at us...but we'll fighting back. We are not going anywhere...more cutbacks anyone?

Imagine that said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Looks like business as usual to me.