Saturday, December 29, 2007

Your local news...

...assembled in New Delhi

The Miami Herald has announced that it will be outsourcing certain job functions to India.

The Miami Herald is outsourcing copyediting of a weekly community news section and some advertising production work to India, a newspaper editor said Friday.

Starting in January, copyediting and design in a weekly section of Broward County community news and other special advertising sections will be outsourced to Mindworks, based in New Delhi.

The project remains in the testing phase, so it was unclear if or how jobs in south Florida will be affected, executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal said.
In terms of ad production, one can only see any outsourcing by the Herald as a step up since the paper has routinely shown that it has no sense of good design whatsoever.

And to think I almost missed this line in the Canadian Press article:
Mindworks will also monitor reader comments posted to online stories, he said.
I wonder what guidelines the Herald will give it's new vendor in India. If they are anything like the current guidelines they would most certainly permit hateful and outrageous remarks as long as they are about Cubans. Such remarks when made about blacks, Jews or any other racial ethnic or religious group are not permitted.

H/T: Daniel in Garanhuns


Joseph said...

" it was unclear if or how jobs in south Florida will be affected...", it's pretty clear what will happen to jobs in South Florida --the same thing that's been happening across the U.S. for a long time. The Herald is just now catching on to how the game is played.

Randall Hilliard said...

It would be impossible for the people in New Delhi to do a worse job than the locals here. There is a guy who calls himself the "Count, etc." He has been libeling me on a regular basis for some time. I cannot tell you how many times I repeatedly report violations to get things deleted that should have been automatically removed.

What I personally find offensive about the Herald's policy on is that while they have no standards for what can be posted on their website and lax standards for removal, running a political ad in their part is another matter. Their legal department rviews every single word. Their lawyers even stick their nose into things like insisting on thicker boxes around the ads. All this while some psycho in serious need of medication can say whatever he wants. John Peter Zenger must be spinning in his grave.

universalspectator said...

This is a joke... right?

Ghandi said...

Praise be to Lord Ganesh for this source of income to our impoverished people in India. May Vishnu turn you into a cockroach in your next life for opposing this project.

Tio said...

DirecTV has been outsourcing to Manila, Philippines, for years.