Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The racial double standard at Herald.com

There's an article at herald.com from yesterday about the arrest of 2 men who stole 26 handguns from an outdoors store back in June.

Accused Gun Shop Bandits

What's interesting is the reader comments posted to the article. A sampling:
Send these Cubans back

Deport these scum-bag Cubanos!

Cuban scum!!!!!! That is what is wrong with our nation. Send them all back.

Deport all these nasty bean-eatin stinkin Cubanos!

Damn nasty cubans always committing crimes here!

Bet these scumbag cubanos cant post bail, LOL

It should be noted that nowhere in the article does it mention the nationality of the two suspects.

Now I'd like to bring your attention to another article at Herald.com but this one is about three black men arrested for a string of drugstore robberies and the comments on that article are...

Nowhere to be found.

Accused Drugstore Bandits

That's right, there's no place for readers to comment on that story. A Herald Watch reader contends that this article did in fact have a comments section but it was closed and deleted after a few bigoted remarks were posted. Either way it's quite telling that the above comments persist on the Herald's web site. Apparently, the sensitivities of Cuban-Americans are not as important to the Herald's editors as those of blacks.


Tio said...

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Alfred said...

Come on. :) When was the last time a Cuban set his neighborhood on fire or got somebody canned for thought crime? ;)

It's like how a crucifix in a jar of urine is art but a teddy bear or cartoons are understandable blasphemy in a multicultural world.

Antonio said...

Here is another example of how the Miami Herald removes the comments section for their articles dealing with other minorities but not for Cubans.
Today's Herald has an article on Jewish Americans.
Early this morning, it started accumulating anti-semitic remarks. Soon, the entire comments section was deleted.
Another Herald article today about a woman being robbed and rapped by a non-descriptive person has the usual rantings and ravings blaming Cubans.
This only proves how Jorge Mas Canosa was right in 1992 when he paid for advertisements on city buses that proclaimed, "I don't believe The Miami Herald."

asombra said...

It seems painfully clear to me that the Herald does not and will not respect Cuban-Americans any more than it has to. Far too many CA's have put up with way too much from the Herald for much too long. It's like a kind of Battered Wife Syndrome, and I don't have much sympathy for it. It's entirely and easily possible to get along perfectly well in South Florida without the Herald(s). I've done it for years, ever since the Elian debacle (thank you, Carl Hiaasen, for helping me wake up and smell the nasty, bitter coffee--if a comparable crisis had involved the African-American community, I'm quite certain Hiaasen would not have ventured or been allowed to "inflame passions further.")

Mere bitching and moaning is worse than useless; the only response that makes sense is to hit the Herald organization where it hurts. In other words, STOP ENABLING IT. No newspaper service is worth one's dignity or honor, and that would be true even if the Herald were on a par with the Washington Post or the New York Times, which it obviously isn't.

Anonymous said...

The Herald has always had, and still has, an anti-Cuban bias. For the Herald's editors, it is still politically correct, and even desirable, to bash Cubans. That's why I don't believe or respect The Miami Herald.