Friday, December 14, 2007

Ombudsman Kaput?

Have the Heralds already ended their ombudsman experiment? Edward Schumacher-Matos name does not appear on the Herald's contact list, or on its list of contributors. I'm pretty sure I had seen it there before.

I've sent a note to Anders Gyllenhaal to inquire. We'll see what, if anything, he says.

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asombra said...

Henry, I think this whole Herald ombudsman business was never more than a none-too-serious trial balloon, and the evidence so far certainly squares with that assessment. The paper is in significant trouble due to declining circulation, and it's hardly likely to install a full-time ombudsman with real teeth to stir up dirt and rock the boat further.

Besides, in practical terms, the ombudsman position (generally, not just at the Herald) reminds me very much of the sort of boss who makes a show of asking for input and suggestions from the staff, only to wind up doing exactly what he intended to begin with, regardless of said input.

A classic example of what I'm talking about was the Hoyt (invited ombudsman) report on the Marti Moonlighters mess, which was essentially blown off by Herald brass, publicly and in print (in Editor & Publisher). In other words, I think the Herald is willing to go through the motions for the sake of appearances, but it's not serious about taking real medicine.