Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Miami Herald's Problem

According to one blogger named Juan Antonio Giner who runs a blog called Innovations in Newspapers, the Herald actually has more than one problem:

Once one of the 10 best newspapers of the U.S., now The Herald is one of the most problematic newspapers in the country.


Because it has been:

Unable to control the damage of the “I don’t believe The Miami Herald!” campaign.

Unable to connect with the large latino community.

Unable to become the U.S. paper for Latin America.

Unable to exploit its newspaper monopoly.

Unable to lead the Cuban community.

Unable to grow in a booming market.

Unable to stop the circulation decline.

Unable to stop the advertising decline.

Unable to develop a succesful [sic] internet strategy.

The Miami Herald was the flagship of the Knight-Ridder group.

Now McClatchy has a problem.

I don't know that I can agree that the Herald was ever a top 10 newspaper, and I'm not exactly sure how the Herald is supposed to "lead" the Cuban community, but the rest of it pretty spot on.

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