Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Corral gets "Pretrial Diversion"

The disposition of Miami Herald reporter, Oscar Corral's case for soliciting a teenage prostitute named Yamilet Lopez has been updated on the Clerk of the Criminal court's web site. It seems that Corral accepted enrollment into what is known as a pretrial diversion as part of something called a deferred prosecution. According to this PDF published by Miami-Dade County the following is the definition of a Pretrial Diversion:

Pretrial Diversion (PTD) is a deferred prosecution program for first time offenders charged with 3rd degree non-violent felonies. PTD acts as the clearinghouse for felony cases where the State Attorney's Office (SAO) has determined diversion is appropriate. Referrals to participate in PTD are made by the SAO at the time that the charges are filed. PTD staff determines if participants meet eligibility requirements and which of the several programs the participant should participate in. Program participation does not usually exceed 12 months with a minimum participation period of 6 months. Successful completion of PTD results in the case against the defendant being dismissed and allows him/her to have his/her record sealed, thereby maintaining a clean record. Failure to complete the program successfully results in the defendant's case being placed back on calendar for prosecution.
In addition to the program, Corral had to make a $150 donation to something called the Denise Moon Foundation. Denise Moon, according to a 1998 Department of justice press release had a distinguished career in victim's services. It's safe to say that unless Corral screws up and misses a meeting or reverts to cruising the Flagami area of Miami again this whole ugly episode will conveniently go away.


Ecclesiastical Observer said...

Ah, how convenient. Who knows, maybe he'll come out diverted, I mean transformed, into a zealous advocate for reforming prostitutes or rehabilitating sex offenders.

That could open up a whole new career direction for him, and he wouldn't have to deal with those nasty Cuban exiles any more. Come to think of it, he could beef up his credentials by becoming a certified sexologist, and potentially turn into the Herald's version of Havana's Mariela Castro.

Well, in any case, it looks like this matter is pretty much "resolved." Corral should be really grateful that the Herald organization has been so VERY sensitive, understanding and considerate, because it certainly wouldn't act that way for just anybody. Just ask the Marti moonlighters.

Tio said...

What does Corral's wife, Cecile, now say about her husband's initial claim of innocence? When Bill Clinton got busted for philandering, Hillary claimed that it was "a right wing conspiracy."

Ernesto said...
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Not the "I-Team" said...

So, based on this outcome, it seems quite clear (at least to me) that Corral was basically guilty as charged and opted, naturally enough, for the easiest or most convenient way out.

Whether or not this was really the first time he solicited or employed a prostitute remains an open question, one the Herald should be highly interested in, even if only as an internal matter. The operative word is "should," which may or may not be operating.