Friday, September 21, 2007

Corral pleads not guilty

The Miami Herald's "content provider" Oscar Corral, has entered a written plea of "not guilty" to the misdemeanor charge of soliciting a prostitute . His file has been assigned to the "calendar" section which means a trial date f0r the case should be set soon. Corral has apparently contracted the legal services of attorney Hernan Hernandez.

Other developments in Corral's Hummergate case include the acceptance of a pre-trial diversion program by Yamilet Lopez, the teen-aged prositute Corral was allegedly soliciting.

Herald Watch will keep you updated on the case since the Herald won't.


Cutie said...

Why didn't the Herald print anything about this? Corral's blog has been in limbo ever since he got busted. Is anybody checking the civil court to see if Cecile Marie has divorced him yet?

asombra said...

You should have made that "Herald Watch will keep you updated on the case since the Heralds (plural) won't." It's now 4 days after the hearing, and not a peep about Corral from either paper.

While such kid-gloves treatment (or non-treatment) is at best highly questionable given the circumstances, it's more understandable in the case of the English Herald. Corral is their creature; they bear responsibility for him, and his standing is tied to theirs, whereas Nuevo Herald's staff was Corral's target and victim.

For Nuevo Herald to take the same hands-off approach is, among other things, a complete disregard for their very considerable Cuban-American readership and what it wants and has the right to know. It is lousy, cover-your-ass service. I don't know what Nuevo Editor Humberto Castello's deal is, whether he can't or won't, but it hardly raises him in my estimation. Either he has no real independent authority in matters like this, or he's too afraid to rock the boat.

By the way, what is a pre-trial diversion program? Does that have any bearing on Corral's case, or does it only concern Lopez?

Henry Gomez said...

Asombra, it would seem that Yamilet Lopez has taken this deal in order to avoid a conviction. I don't think this helps or hurts Corral. But I am not a lawyer.