Monday, April 09, 2007

Rah rah rah!

The pom poms at 1 Herald Plaza are getting quite workout these days in cheering on the new Carnival Center for the performing arts. Notably a favorable op ed piece by the Center's CEO, Michael Hardy, appears today on the Herald's web site, except it doesn't identify him as having any connection with the center.

Isn't it time that the PAC stopped getting a free ride from the supposed "public trust" that is Miami-Dade's only major daily newspaper?

Hat tip: Stuck on the Palmetto

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Anonymous said...

But, but mean the Herald, that bastion of journalistic integrity and objectivity, which is absolutely horrified at the very idea of anything even remotely dubious, somehow failed to mention that Hardy was the Carnival Center's CEO, even though that means ANYTHING he says on the matter HAS to be seen as potentially biased and/or suspect?

Surely you misunderstood...I mean, the Herald couldn't possibly do anything so blatantly improper...again.