Thursday, April 19, 2007

New York Sun, a better model

I was browsing a story in the New York Sun and noticed that certain keywords within stories are links. When you click the links you are taken to a search results page for that topic. The search results include recent Sun articles on the topic, related articles from the web, and related blog entries.

While linked keywords are nothing new to the net (it has really been the force behind blogging) I haven't really seen a newspaper maximize this advantage of the web as much as the Sun is doing. Of course this means someone actually has to do some work and figure out which keywords are worth linking and do the actual linking. But certainly this is the model that readers are going to prefer moving forward. On the net the Herald competes not just with the Sun-Sentinel but with papers like the New York Sun. We'll be watching to see how long before the Herald catches on.

Additionally, the Sun also has a free 45-day news archive (the Herald's is 7-days).

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