Sunday, January 14, 2007

Herald in "top 10"

No, not in circulation. The Herald made Joe Strupp's (Editor & Publisher) list of Top 10 Newspaper Industry Stories of 2006.

9. Upheaval at The Miami Herald: It wasn't enough that the South Florida daily changed hands with the sale of Knight Ridder to McClatchy this year. But the longtime circulation leader also got into a tussle with sister paper, El Nuevo Herald, over coverage of the Spanish-language daily's semi-scandal involving some staffers' paid appearances on a government-supported broadcast outlet. When the dust settled, Publisher Jesus Diaz was out and Editor Tom Fiedler soon announced his retirement (although he says it was in the works already). And don't forget the angry el Nuevo Herald cartoonist who stormed the offices, held authorities at bay for three hours, and prompted an evacuation of the building. Well, at least they got to cover the Miami Heat's NBA title.
I don't think that's the kind of notoriety that the execs at McClatchy are looking for.

Hat tip: S.T.


Manuel A. Tellechea said...

A semi-newspaper; a semi-reporter; a semi-scandal.

heraldphobe said...

Yes, and semi-willing (at best) to accept and deal with the Cuban-American presence in Miami. That's the basis for a lot of the problem(s): resentment and denial.