Thursday, November 30, 2006

Herald Execs: No evidence of a mole

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cesar Pizarro, a vice president of the MHMC, and Humberto Castelló, executive editor of ENH, appeared last night on the news analysis program "A Mano Limpia" with Oscar Haza.

When Haza, the host, asked both men about the possibility of a Cuban government mole working at 1 Herald Plaza both stated that "there is no evidence of that."

While not surprising, their answer seems incredibly naive given the fact that recently The Herald has been scooped by official Cuban government media on its investigative pieces about the exile community.

As Herald Watch reported earlier this week Indiana University Latino Studies professor Antonio de la Cova believes that there is evidence that Marifeli Perez Stable, who sits on the Herald's board of editorial contributors, is (or at least was) an agent of Cuban intelligence.

It has also been reported in various news outlets that ENH employs recent arrivals from Cuba that previously worked for official Cuban media.

If there is no evidence of a mole, or at the very least, a leak, it's because they haven't looked. Why wouldn't the Herald undertake an investigation to determine who the leak is and try to answer this nagging question?

Herald Watch recognizes that all this talk of cloak and dagger matters sounds far fetched but close observers of Cuba recognize that spying on and recruiting agents of influence within the US has long been in the Castro regime's play book.


None E. Moose said...

MH wouldn't know a mole if it came up and sang them Happy Birthday

Robert said...

That's the "A Mano Limpia" show that I just had to miss. Geeeez!

Anonymous said...

Saying there is no evidence of a mole is meaningless without a very serious investigation of that obvious possibility. As far as can be determined, no such investigation has been conducted. Until it is, the Herald is simply whistling in the dark.