Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oops, they did it again...

It turns out that The Herald's October 24th article by Carol Marbin Miller and Mary Ellen Klas (with contributions from Susannah Nesmith, Marc Caputo and Matthew I. Pinzur - That's 12 names and one initial if you are keeping score) was right about some things and wrong about one major detail.

It turns out that State Representative Ralph Arza did get drunk and leave a nasty voicemail for State Representative Gus Barreiro.

It also turns out that in said voicemail, Arza did disparrage, School Board Superintendent Rudy Crew.

But Arza did not call Crew a "nigger" as the Herald reported.

According to yesterday's Herald, Arza saved that choice word for Barreiro himself, who is not black.

An honest mistake in reporting? Perhaps but with 5 reporters that have 12 names and one initial (plus an editor) between them you'd think they could get it right. Did anybody bother to listen to the tape?

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dreaming said...

talk about a major boner...how does that happen? is the tape all that hard to figure out?