Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Quiet at "Miami's Cuban Connection" - UPDATED

Oscar Corral, the author of the Sept 8th article about journalists that were moonlighting for Radio/TV Martí that set off a series of investigations and events that have resulted in the 3 fired journalists being offered their jobs back and the sudden resignation of MHPC publisher Jesus Diaz Jr., has a blog called "Miami's Cuban Connection."

Yet there have been no new postings on his blog since September 26th. Interesting that the man who wrote the article that has reverberated throughout the journalistic community in south Florida for a month should remain silent on the matter. Of course his blog has never a been a place to read his opinions but instead serves only as a link to his (and other) Herald articles and a venue for the worst kind of reader comments (the long, disjointed, boring, and insulting kind).

UPDATE: Corral has now updated his blog and posted the article, about the Diaz resignation, that appeared in today's paper. What the point is, I don't know. Clearly his readers already read the paper. I would like to know how Corral feels about the situation. One reader leaves this comment in an unrelated post:


Good job getting Diaz canned.


Heraldphobe said...

Today's edition of Diario Las Américas (which employs 2 of the journalists smeared in Corral's 9/8 story) reports that the Diario called Corral for his response to this latest development at the Herald, and Corral said he had no comments.

Manuel A. Tellechea said...

In reply to comments in The Daily Pulp:

Yes, goldilocks, it's always "swift and resolute" with you when Cubans-Americans are involved; but how wonderfully lax and unjudgmental you become when handling Mr. DeFede's case. Yes, there is a distinction between DeFede and the fired/rehired Cuban-American journalists. DeFede by his own admission broke the law when he recorded surreptiously a conversation with a suicidal Teele (that the prosecutor refused to indict him does not absolve him of his self-admitted guilt). The 3 Herald journalists broke no law by working for Radio and TV Marti. In fact, the Herald has now admitted that in the past not only did it know and approve of its employees working at Radio Marti, but that it never formulated a consistent conflict-of-interests policy prohibiting them from doing so. Their firings were clearly arbitrary and without foundation and this injustice has now been rectified in the fullest measure possible, since, of course, it is impossible to undo the damage done to their professional reputation by ill-intentioned and misinformed people like you.

"[R]eporters-on-the take"? To do what? Report their honest opinions on Cuba? I guess every reporter at National Public Radio (NPR) is on the take, because they also receive government checks for their work. Of course, they are paid to bash Bush, so that's O.K. The 3 Miami journalists bashed Castro, but clearly that isn't O.K. And how easily NPR reporters move in and out of the private sector without anyone questioning their objectivity! It's only when Cuban-American are involved that this becomes an issue. During the 60 years since the founding of VOA, thousands of professional journalists have worked for U.S.-sponsored broadcasting, including Edward R. Murrow, but it's only when this fact can be used to discredit Cuban-Americans that it becomes an issue.

What's "clear as bell" here is your personal animus for the Cuban-American journalists and your disaapointment that justice was done to them.

heraldphobe said...

The 10/4 edition of Diario Las Américas quotes Carlos Alberto Montaner as follows (bracketed wording added by me for clarity):

"The resignation of Jesús Díaz vindicates the 3 [fired] reporters who did nothing improper. But the paper should still offer an apology to readers for the terrible article [by Corral on 9/8] that irresponsibly incriminated other people in a supposed breach of journalistic principles which they never committed. I think it makes sense that Mr. Díaz resigned, given the monstrous error he committed, but now the reporter Oscar Corral should be sent to a communications school so he can learn his trade."

Manuel A. Tellechea said...

RE: "Two Herald Titans Grappled Over Column" (title of a recent thread on Oscar Corral's blog).

It's taken me several days to gain my composure sufficiently to react to this thread.

Titans? Díaz and Hiassen are "titans?"

In what lilliputian world do you live, Oscar?

Among Cubans (a group you really should spend more time among), the title "titan" is reserved for one man and one man only — Antonio Maceo.

I will give you enough credit to suppose that you have heard of Antonio Maceo.

For a Cuban to refer to another man as a "titan" is to insult the memory of our greatest military hero and to ridicule the unfortunate individual(s) who must bear the crushing weight of that "compliment."