Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who else took money from Radio/TV Martí?

Reader Manuel Tellechea makes an interesting point in a comment on another post. He points out that all of the journalists named or otherwise implicated in Oscar Corral's September 8th article are Cuban-American, however it defies logic that only Cuban-American journalists were paid to contribute to Radio/TV Martí.

Tellechea says he knows of at least one "such a non-Cuban who happens to currently work for the Herald," but that he is not a "snitch".

It should be easy for the Herald to follow-up this angle (something that perhaps they should have done prior to releasing the story in the first place) if they really want to clean house ethically. I wonder who these Anglo or non-Cuban pundits and journalists might be. Does the Herald?


Anonymous said...

This is not a witch hunt for Cubans. It seems only logical that if you're looking for journalists with knowledge of Cuba, then more than likely these same journalists will be Cuban themselves.

Plus, if TV/Radio Marti is going to "connect" with Cubans on the island, then wouldn't those chances of connection only improve with a Cuban accent/voice?

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


I don't quite follow your logic. I believe there might be a witch hunt for Cuban-American journalists because the only ones that have been implicated in the "violation of ethics scandal" so far are Cuban-Americans. The purpose of this post is to speculate as to whether any other journalists (not of Cuban origin) took money from Radio/TV Marti and also happen to work for (or paid as a consultant by) the Herald. If there are non-Cubans who did the same exact thing but have not been named by the Herald, then it would lend credence to the theory that this was a witch hunt to descredit Cuban-American journalists.