Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Herald and El Nuevo Herald losing subscribers

In today's El Nuevo Herald a story by Gerardo Reyes was published about the backlash against The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. According to the circulation department at MHPC, as of 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon 822 subscribers to El Nuevo Herald and 427 subscribers to The Miami Herald, have cancelled their subscriptions. That may not sound like a lot but for El Nuevo Herald, that has a weekday circulation of 88,000 it amounts to 1% of the circulation dropping off.

Reyes also reports Herald publisher Jesus Diaz Jr. had a closed-door meeting with leaders of the Cuban-American community to discuss the entire affair. Diaz Jr. would not disclose to Reyes who participated in the meeting but described it as "cordial."

And lastly Reyes reports that a blog has been established in support of the fired journalists.

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