Monday, June 16, 2008

Memo from Gyllenhaal to Newsroom Staff

From: Gyllenhaal, Anders - Miami
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2008 9:46 AM
To: MIA Newsroom
Subject: Important newsroom announcement....

This is to follow up the announcement this morning about the cost reductions at McClatchy newspapers across the country. For The Herald newsroom, this will mean a series of steps, including buyouts, reorganization of several departments, a leaner management and an expansion of outsourcing.

These changes will be difficult and will have impact on much of what we do. In putting together plans that will be detailed in a series of meetings today, we have tried to preserve our strengths and spread the reductions across all departments and disciplines. We have looked at new ways of doing some things, and will revamp some departments. As a result, the newsroom's plans are a complex series of moves that take some time to explain.

The details will be outlined at staff meetings today at 11 a.m. in the training room on the sixth floor, 1 p.m. in the Pines office, and 4 p.m. again in the training room. Starting in the early afternoon, we'll also hold sessions for departments and small groups to explain the buyouts, which will first be made on an optional basis and then an involuntary basis. Emails will go out this morning to anyone who should attend. For those unable to make any of these sessions, there will be a number of ways to get the information you need, which are explained below.

Here is the list of meetings for today and tomorrow:
Who should attend Time Place Led by

For all:
General staff meeting 11 a.m. 6th Floor Training Room Anders
Broward staff meeting 1 p.m. Pines, 1st Floor Conf. Room Dave, Pat
General staff meeting 4 p.m. 6th Floor Training Room Anders
Open Q&A session 7 p.m. 6th Floor training Room Anders

For groups:
World editors Noon Miller Conference Room John, Rick
Photo editors 12:30 p.m. Knight Conference Room Liza, Luis
Features editors 1 p.m. Miller Conference Room Rick, Mindy
All other eligible S1,2&3s 1 p.m. 6th Floor Training Room Anders
Photographer 3s 1:15 p.m Knight Conference Room Liza, Luis
Features critics 1:30 p.m. Miller Conference Room Rick,Mindy
Systems 2 p.m. Liza's office Liza, Mike
Reporter 1&2s 2 p.m. 6th Floor Training Room Anders
Wireroom 2:30 p.m. Miller Conference Room Liza
Designer 1 group 3 p.m. Knight Conference Room Liza, Eddie
Sports supervisors 3 p.m. Jorge Rojas' office Rick
Sports clerk/reporters 3:30 p.m. Jorge Rojas' office Rick
International edition 3:30 p.m. International office Liza
Copy editors 5 p.m. 6th Floor Training Room Liza, Jeff
All other eligible S1, 2&3s 5 p.m. Knight Conference Room Anders,Dave
Reporter 1&2s 6 p.m. 6th Floor Training Room Anders, Dave

Department heads 9:30 a.m. Knight Conference Room Anders
Open Q&A session 11:30 a.m. Miller Conference Room Anders
Conference call 1 p.m. Miller Conference Room Anders (for staffers out of town)
Open Q&A session 6 p.m. Miller Conference Room Anders

These next few weeks will be some of the most difficult and emotional that our newsroom has faced. We will do our best to work through these changes at the same time as we try to keep our focus on our work.

There is going to be confusion and uncertainty at points. If you have questions about any elements of this plan, ask your supervisor, or the managing editor for your department. You can also ask, call or email Michelle Ashman at any point this week if you need immediate information about where to be and other specifics. Once more, at the end of each day - 7 p.m. today and 6 p.m. the rest of the week - we'll have an open-ended session for any and all questions or issues

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